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To understand the vision behind MJX requires a set of eyes that see others above self. MJX was birthed out of a deficit for financial justice and independence in third world countries. Why should certain countries have unlimited access to tech and food while other countries do not? Why do some starve and lack the tools for wealth while others horde wealth? Why is the system broken? Ideas are birthed out of a need for a solution, and we believe MJX, and our systematic approach to bring financial equality is the solution of our generation.  


Serve the Underserved.

Bring Financial Justice.

Majestic Coin is created for the little guy. For the individual making less than a dollar a day. Majestic Coin is not a charity, rather a solution to eradicate poverty wheresoever we choose. This is the great reset.

As strategic partners with the African Union, we first intend to bring a stable solution to more than 50 countries. Once a stable foundation is provided, we will hand in hand build with countries aspiring for change.

Solomon Mwamba


Our Journey So Far

2016- Present

Land Aquisition

From 2016 through current, the Majestic Coin Team has been aquiring mineral rich land to store as the asset value behind MJT and Majestic Stable Coin (MJX).


Majestic Coin Team launches ICO

2021 was a year of great progress for the Majestic Coin team. The Founder, Solomon Mwamba traveled between the UAE and Africa sharing the core values behind Majestic Coin.


Majestic Coin Team launches Both Stable and Investment Coin

The official launch of Majestic Coin on its own Starchain was one of the most successful launches in Crypto History. Majestic Coin is yet forging relationships with Countries in need to fulfill the original vision. 

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Majestic Coin In The Press

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